Bullying Antidote - Superpower Your Kids for Life

Bullying Antidote - Superpower Your Kids for Life

von: Louise Hart, Kristen Caven

Hazelden Publishing, 2013

ISBN: 9781616494964

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Bullying Antidote - Superpower Your Kids for Life


This big-picture look at bullying by community psychologist Dr. Louise Hart and her co-author, Kristen Caven (other books include The Winning Family and On the Wings of Self-Esteem), takes on the challenge of correcting the common and widespread parenting practices that contribute to todays bullying epidemic.Drawing from psychological, medical, sociological, educational, and neurological research, they build a theory of bullying that spans across communities and generations, one that will ring a bell for most parents. The book teaches hundreds of specific, positive practices to turn the next generation of children into richly developed, healthy adolescents and adults who possess what the authors lightly label ZORGOS, the superpower that defeats bullying. The overall intent is not just to stop a single bullying incident, but to develop immunity in todays children to future bullying events. The Bullying Antidote shows how parents and community leaders, by becoming educated about the mechanics of power dynamics and prevention, can build bully-free, emotionally safe families, neighborhoods, and communities.Some of the things parents will learn in this book:1. Parenting styles that can either nurture or interrupt bullying behaviors2. Three ways parents with good intentions unknowingly raise bullies3. What bullying is and what it is not4. What to do when your child is bullied, bullies, or witnesses bullying5. How to build a childs core strengths and competencies6. How assertive communication is non-violent communication7. How nurture and structure balance family life and emotions8. How to build your authority without being a dictator9. Ten ways to build resilience10. How to use technology positively at all agesThe authors provide an online resource for readers of this book. Search zorgos.wordpress for links, notes, a discussion guide and an author interview.