Best Book on Having Great Married Sex

Best Book on Having Great Married Sex

von: David Wygant

Hyperink, 2011

ISBN: 9781466215221

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Best Book on Having Great Married Sex


WHAT READERS ARE SAYING...",A great marriage and sex life doesn't have to be hard work! This was one of the first messages I learned from the book. I never thought a random ebook would give my wife and I a better sex life, but its examples and personal stories from couples really helped.",- Jon, 31, from Texas",This book saved my marriage. I wasn't sure if it'd be helpful for me since all the articles seem to focus on guys, but I figured it might be interesting to know how they (and my husband!) felt. I was really surprised - I actually think I got more out of the book than he would have! It reminded me why I fell in love with my husband in the first place.",- Samantha from OntarioCHAPTER OUTLINE CHAPTER 1: CHEATINGWhy Couples Drift Apart4 Most Common Reasons Married People CheatSpotting a CheaterCHAPTER 2: CHILDRENHow to Incorporate Kids Into Your MarriageKeeping Your Relationship a Priority After Having KidsBringing Together Different Parenting PhilosophiesCHAPTER 3: COMMUNICATIONHow to Work Through Gender DifferencesGrowing As Individuals & As A CoupleWhy She Nags You & How To Fix ItCHAPTER 4: COMPROMISESCommunicating Without ConflictsHow To Argue The Right WayGetting On The Same PageCHAPTER 5: MARRIAGE COUNSELINGHow To Have Successful Marriage CounselingPicking the Best Marriage Counselor for You & Your SpouseWhat to Do After CounselingCHAPTER 6: MARRIAGE PROBLEMSActions that Make Marriages FailRemembering The Little ThingsHow To Fight About The Present, Not The PastCHAPTER 7: SEX PROBLEMSSecrets To A Great Sex LifeExploring What You Like SexuallyBalancing Schedules & Spontaneity