MicroRNAs in Cancer

MicroRNAs in Cancer

von: Cesar Lopez-Camarillo, Laurence A. Marchat

Taylor and Francis, 2013

ISBN: 9781466576773

Format: PDF

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MicroRNAs in Cancer


MicroRNA (miRNA) biology is a cutting-edge topic in basic as well as biomedical research. This is a specialized book focusing on the current understanding of the role of miRNAs in the development, progression, invasion and metastasis of diverse types of cancer. It also reviews their potential for applications in cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic targets. In addition it discusses the potential use in translational medicine. Chapters in this book present comprehensive and expert perspectives on the roles of miRNAs in most common cancers from bench to bedside applications and are written by an international team of renowned experts in the field. This book is a landmark work providing up-to-date research on miRNAs and their important roles in cancer translational research.